Mideouts, Hangouts, And Bodices

Because of Hurricane Sandy, class last week was cancelled. I got into my sewing class early, like first one there early. So I walked around and took some pictures.


a rocking awesome post board filled with thirties inspired fashion

Once most of my classmates and the teacher arrived, I got to finish my shorts. I had one hem and the waist band left to finish. The hem was easy. I did the elastic by lining it up to the top of the shorts, so when I flipped the elastic over the seam would be inside. I pinned the front and back together, then stretched the elastic to match up with the two other sides. While I sewed I pulled a piece of the elastic to match the shorts, but because the elastic was a smaller length than the shorts the elastic cinched the waistline. Then I over locked the seam, sealing the elastic to the fabric for life. When it was break time, I went outside for a walk and got myself a granola bar from the vending machine on the fourth floor. I still haven’t found the vending machine on my side of the building but there’s one right where my old classes used to be. I got back and waited outside the classroom with everyone else. Our break is fifteen minutes long but we usually only use ten of those minutes. I moved onto my peasant blouse, tracing and cutting out the pattern onto pattern paper, then aligning and cutting out my fabric. I sewed


the group of lockers outside my sewing classroom

and over locked the front and back pieces first, then added the sleeves. By then the class was finished. I walked over to the GiGi café, where students get ten percent off, and bought myself lunch. I like to eat it at the metal tables outside my building and watch all the artistic people pass by. I then went to pick up the packet for my draping class, being hall monitor. In my last draping class we had hung up our flared skirts to give the threads time to stretch and even out; having two weeks to hang made the skirts as stretched as they would get. My professor showed us how to measure the desired length from the floor up, and how to mark and true it. We then took the flared skirts off the dress form and cut the extra fabric off. We gave them a half inch hem- any more and it would affect the way the skirts hang. We then pinned them back to the dress forms, and wheeled the forms into the middle of the room for grading. I think then we had our break. I went for a quick


the view from the metal tables

walk around the building, checking to see if the style shop was open; it wasn’t. Then I came back. We got started on our preparation for the basic bodice. First, we cut our back and front pieces. As they are different measurements, I had to be careful to not get them confused. Then we placed our black style tape onto the shoulder blades and apex points. By then my professor had finished grading our skirts, I got an A. Once we had finished measuring the dress forms with our black style tape, we moved onto marking the fabric with the CF and CB inches, then the different lines and divisions that befall such different pieces as front and back. Once we had finished marking and everything, we got to drape the front. We found our pinch of ease and our dart. We took the fabric off the dress form, leaving the dart in place and started cleaning up. Next week we’ll be doing more with our basic bodice. I definitely like my draping class more than my sewing class, but I’m learning a lot from both of them.



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