Special Treatment

This week, instead of staying in class as per usual, we took advantage of the open house and got an opportunity to tour the school. The only other class I have taken at FIT, which was Screen Printing, was on the complete other side of the building which was the building we went to. We went from our class in the Pomerantz (D) building, (I am not that well acquainted with the new names for the buildings) and took a little field trip to the Dubinsky (A) building.

The first room we went into was was the fabric testing lab, which had all of these gnarly machines that would apparently rip and tear the fabric and see how long it would take for studs and embellishments to come off. I had no idea that there were labs that tested clothes, considering distressed clothes are “in” right now. I don’t know if we were allowed to take pictures on the tour, but I managed to sneak some pictures with my phone, so I apologize if the quality is poor.

So I honestly have no idea what these machines do, but I thought they looked pretty cool and I don’t think many people have seen things like these.

After the fabrics department, we went to the fragrance department, which I didn’t even know exist. We stepped into the lab and all we saw were bottles on bottles on bottles.

So of course I had to take another picture… (Mind you this is only one part of one of the shelves in the room. This whole lab was lined with shelves with bottles that all looked exactly like these)

One person asked the teacher what her favorite sent was and it was amazing how incredibly detailed a person could be when describing their favorite perfume.

When we finished in the fragrance department, we went to the toy building department. I could honestly live in that room. It was filled with bean bags and bright colors and toys and children’s books! Not to mention an incredible wood shop with my favorite thing in the world, the Vac-U-Form! There was one senior there showing us around and he explained the projects you are required to do and told us the story the children’s book he is currently working on which was one of the most original and interesting stories I’ve ever heard. Basically, the story was about (I promise I won’t give away the end) a society that lives totally indoors and what happens when their power goes out and one boy must venture out into the outside world.

When we got back into class, we did a bit more drawing and started expanding on our campaign ideas. We were assigned another homework assignment which is to start on a self portrait. I have no idea what I’m going to do for mine, probably something with water colors or something about my hair. I’m really excited to delve into it but I just need to find some time and inspiration.

What are the projects you’re currently working on inside or outside of class?

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