Fashion Changes You

I’ve noticed something. Whenever I’m at FIT I change slightly. Not drastic things, but I can tell it’s there. I’m more outgoing, I know what I want to do, and I feel at home. Like most people, FIT feels like home to me. Maybe it’s the people and how weird they all are. While at FIT you can wear whatever you want and it’s fine. There’s no pressure to dress like everyone else. I can wear what I feel comfortable in, and it doesn’t matter that I’m not wearing heels. However, it


a photo of a dress i designed and sewed before FIT.

might be the actual surroundings. I love the city. I go there all the time and practically know some parts of it better then my neighborhood. The fact that FIT is in a familiar surrounding makes me feel more comfortable. Maybe it’s all of these things that contribute to me changing. When I’m at home, I’m comfortable with my work but I don’t like talking about it until it is perfectly done. At FIT you’re encouraged to talk about your projects during class. At my draping class we spend the entire time just talking about what we do, and sharing pictures of our half finished projects. I like this; it’s nice to get input on what I’m doing from people who share my interests and know what they are talking about. FIT has drastically changed the way I do my work. Obviously, as I learn more I change my methods to be more efficient but it’s not just what I learn from FIT that I’m changing. I took the fashion cycle last spring. It was only four weekends, and a middle school class, but that class completely changed the way I design. For one thing, the teacher helped me discover my design aesthetic. Before that class I was trying to design things that my friend might wear, because I was sewing things for both of us. My class


An old shirt, skirt combo i was working on last month, after my first FIT class.

showed me, however, that I don’t design like that, and when I design how I want to, I like what I make more. Because of this I started to fully explore more complicated forms of sewing. Before FIT I knew how to sew, and I knew what designing was but I hadn’t immersed myself into it yet. Now everything I am is my art. I’ll spend hours of my free time just thinking about stories and feelings I want to portray. Or I’ll spend hours thinking about tiny things that I would love to do one day. When I’m on the train I drape, and when I’m eating I sew. FIT changed how I approach designing. I used to just find some inspirational images, and start drawing. Now I take my time to choose a story, color scheme, and theme. I make my mood board with more images and I envision how I want the entire line to look when it’s done.

2012_05_12 (7)

my old teachers favorite piece from me. i designed five outfits.

I choose the fabrics I want to sew and I take my time to think about how they will work. Then I start sketching. FIT has changed how I talk about my work. I used to keep my designing and artistic side under wraps but now I have no problems talking about my work. FIT showed me that it’s OK to be passionate about fashion. I could literally talk for hours about what I do and what I want to be, as well as different fabrics, textures, and colors. Now I feel free to talk about my work whenever people ask. In my sewing class i am learning new methods and ways to do things I already know how to. I used to just sew, FIT is showing me how to make a clean, finished garment that I will feel comfortable showing off and wearing. Before FIT I was interest in fashion, Now it’s the only thing I dream of doing. FIT has changed the way I view the fashion industry, myself, and fashion as a whole. What new things has FIT shown you about fashion?

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