Making Friends!!!

For the second week in a row, the first thing I heard when walking into class was, “Take our your pencils, we’re going to be drawing!” The only difference was, this week we were going to be drawing each other’s FACES. I took my seat in our new room (we switched classes to the one right next door and I much prefer this one. There are computers AND it’s pink!) and pretty much just stared at the person across from me for the next forty-five minutes straight. The end result was much better than expected, unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share with you. When we were all done, we laid our drawings on the table and looked at everyone’s different styles. It’s so amazing to see the way other people draw, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of class. Some people take on more of a cartoon quality to their work and some go very intense on the shading but they all never fail to impress.

After drawing for forty-five minutes, we took to the computers and learned some basic Photoshop skills such as what layers are and how to use them, how to put a picture in your document, and how effective subtitles can be. We wrote our names in a font that matched the quality of the drawing we just did, picked a word (or two) that described us and used that as the subtitle. Then we took a picture to place behind it. This was the outcome of mine using the ten minutes we had to create it. (Please don’t take it too seriously, I’m a pretty big joker. Foxy Lady is not the word I would normally use to describe myself, I was just feelin’ it yesterday.)

At the close of our computer time, we went to projector screen and watched a few different commercials and advertisements for Lego. It was so interesting to see the difference between the girl targeted commercials and the boy targeted ones. We then discussed how ideals are instilled in children from such an early age, and that not all of them are bad, but it is undoubtedly a lot of pressure for any child. Moving away from the more adolescent commercials, we looked through a few Gucci ads and saw that they weren’t just selling us sunglasses and clothes, but we were also sold a whole story that is made up in our heads. The class agreed that the models looked like they were on their way to the Meatpacking District about to hit up a few clubs and restaurants before the weekend is officially deemed over.

When advertisements were over, we got back into the swing of drawing again, but this time using different mediums. Instead of drawing on white paper with grey led pencils, we drew on black paper with white colored pencils, which was a totally new experience for me. It was so interesting to see how you can use the other colors to highlight things in your picture so much more easily than if you were using a regular old pencil and eraser.

We actually got a homework assignment! (Is it weird that I’m excited for homework…it probably is.) Our task is to pick a product that we would want to sell, and make up thirty-five thumbnails for each one with alternating between two slogans that we have also made up. I will upload pictures of my thumbnail drawings as soon as I am finished with them

We’ve typically been having our fifteen minute breaks around noon, and are now talking with each other more (even getting to the stage where you can friend people on Facebook, and you know how big of a step that can be!!!!) Last week everyone was more reserved, but now people are showing their true selves, making jokes, and being more typical teenagers. Our professor (Jada) also seems a little more comfortable with us (and I definitely need to take some style lessons from her ASAP. She wore the coolest most bad a*^ boots with these amazing tights and the most adorable color block dress I’ve ever seen).

That’s about all for now! I wish they had something where classes could mix and talk to each other cause I’d love to meet people from other classes!

If you took the time to read this, thank you very much! And if you’d like, I’d love it if you’d comment bellow and tell me how your second day went!

Until next time,


Our Beautiful New Pink Room!

P.S- I’m going to take more pictures next week to better document my journey with you guys!

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