Capturing moments

I cannot believe that I already have to say goodbye to everyone! Writing for this blog came with sooo many benefits; it made me a better writer, it gave me a chance to inform other people about the AMAZING class I took at FIT, and I got a chance to show people all my accomplishments during this class. I am so happy that I signed up for this class. My friend asked me to do it with her and I wasn’t so sure about it at first because I did not think that I would be good enough, and I didn’t think I would measure up to all the other students because I thought they would be so much better than me. But when I got there I realized that we were all at the same point and someone is always going to better than you but that shouldn’ stop you because if you work hard enough you can be just as good!

By taking this class, I realized that classes aren’t always boring, especially if it is a class involving something that you love to do. I kept wanting to go back everyday, even if it was the whole summer I definitely would go. My summer was, overall, pretty fun with going to the beach and hanging out with friends. However, I can honestly say that FIT was my favorite part of the summer. I cannot tell you how many people I have told about this experience. When I go back to school and the teachers ask us how our summers were, the first thing I will talk about will be my experience at FIT. It was unforgettable.

As I mentioned in my last post, I realized that FIT is definitely a school that I want to go to. But in order to achieve that, I have to work really hard in school and continue with my photography. My goal after college is to open my own studio or be an event photographer. I know that is a big dream but if I really love it I think I can get there ! I am definitely going to do this class next year and maybe even take a class in the fall! It was so difficult leaving FIT but I know that taking that class will benefit me so much especially with my portfolio for college and I will be back next year so I am not that sad thinking about it!

Overall, I hope that you all enjoyed reading my blog posts and seeing all my photographs and work during the three weeks I went to class. Writing was such a cool experience and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to blog for FIT. I thank everyone for making this such a success and I hope my blog inspired everyone in some way.

Hopefully I will see some of you in the future as a student at FIT. Fingers crossed! But for now I have to goodbye :( Thank you again!



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