Course Showcase: HFM 060 Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future

Fashion Merchandising courses focus on the business aspects of the fashion industry. Students learn how to build a career in buying, merchandising, marketing, product development, creative fashion presentations, styling, sales, or management. check out this course showcase:

HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future 

Course Description:

By analyzing consumers’ past buying patterns, identifying emerging trends in retail and on the streets, and recognizing current cultural influences, a fashion forecaster helps designers, product developers and merchandisers “see into the future”. Being able to predict next year’s fashion trends is a valuable and marketable skill. Learn how to conduct research, record observations, use the tools of the forecasting industry, and identify key target markets. Then put it all together to identify upcoming trends in color, silhouettes and fabrics.

The following video is the first major presentation for Professor Wolf’s Summer 2012 Fashion Forecasting class. Check it out an leave a comment below!


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