The End is Near

So I’m finally done with high school, and soon enough I’ll be at college. My very last Precollege classes are also coming to an end, which is bittersweet. I feel as though there is still so much to learn before I go to FIT, and I want to be as prepared as possible.

For Fabric Styling, my final project is to style a celebrity for a photo shoot. We get to pick the celebrity, color pallet, clothing and location. I’m still using Rooney Mara for this project, because I love how versatile she can be. My presentations have come really far in this class, my first one unfortunately wasn’t the greatest. It’s also helpful to see how other students prepare their presentations.

For Fashion Techniques, we just finished a basic bodice and our last project is a cowl neck top. We already started, but i’m really excited to take home the pattern and make my own out of different fabrics. This class has been a lot of fun because you can make the clothes to fit yourself and you learn how to alter them.

Although I love the fact that I no longer have to wake up early on a Saturday, my last Precollege class will be really sad. I’m going to miss all the friends I’ve made, and taking classes that aren’t stressful and highly demanding but still teach a lot.


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