My Biggest Fans

Over the years my family has supported me in all the activities I have participated in. When I had first gained an interest in getting involved with fashion, my parents helped me find a good program to try out the different aspects of Fashion. When we had all come to an agreement that FIT Precollege programs were the best choice, I was ecstatic.

As time moved on and I was participating in the programs at FIT, my parents saw an improvement with me. I knew what I wanted to do in the future, my grades at school were better, and most of all I was more focused and serious about preparing myself for college. Before spring semester, I had come across about an email about FIT looking for Precollege bloggers. I have always enjoyed writing so I said hey why not try – the worst that can happen is they deny me from blogging. When I had received the email that I was chosen, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of myself. Of course like any mom, my mom told everyone in my family about my blog posts! They all were very impressed that I decided to blog for FIT!

Overall my family has been very proud of my progress at FIT so far! How have your families reacted to you taking classes at FIT? Leave  a comment below!

Until next time…..

xoxox Tori

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