Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to this week’s classes. However, more than fortunately, I’ve been accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design! The day has come where I finally received my acceptance letter, and I’ve never been so relieved. I can’t wait to go down to FIT and hug the building, haha.

I’ve been so busy this week, I had a mini fashion show of my own at school, and a community service award ceremony. I’m glad I don’t have school this week because I need some down time. When I’m taking Precollege Classes, I’m always so excited to be in the city that I sometimes forget to relax. I try to go everywhere. Before school, I usually grab coffee at Dunkin Donuts. During my breaks I usually head wherever my friends are going, which may be Dunkin or Starbucks or just to the cafeteria.

The hour between classes, I go everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes I run to Mood to swatch, (and beat my best amount of swatches in one visit) or I go thrift shopping at some of the nearby stores, like Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. On days where I’m tired though, I usually just go for pizza across the street or to the cafeteria and read magazines. There’s always so much to do in Manhattan.


3 thoughts on “The Day Has Come – I GOT ACCEPTED TO FIT!

  1. KARLIE! So excited for you. Your hard work has paid off!! I knew you could do it. :) Congratulations!

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