My last class at FIT was a little different from the usual day. We saw a presentation on the new exhibit, Youthquake! It is about the 60’s and how the youth changed fashion forever. Since the start of people expressing themselves through fashion and how they wanted to break out of societal norms, fashion has yet to stop evolving. Youthquake shows the start of a break through in fashion history, which will make ladies appreciate that we can wear pants now! It was curated by FIT graduate students and is just one of the three amazing exhibits featured at the Museum at FIT.

One of the quotes on the wall that I found interesting:

“Under 24 and 90 million strong in the U.S. alone. More dreamers. More doers. Here. Now. Youthquake.” -Vogue, 1965

The other exhibits include IMPACT which celebrates the 50 years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Fashion A-Z, part I. They both feature amazing garments by dozens of the most incredible fashion designers, including Gabrielle “CoCo” Chanel. If you want to learn more about the Museum at FIT, you can go to

After a photoshoot and a nice lunch break, I went to my second class and finished my first skirt pattern. Next, we’re making a flare skirt which should be really cute and fun, but more challenging. I’m really excited to make myself a few skirts, but first I have some school work to do.









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