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So, this past Saturday was St. Patricks Day and due to the parade the city was crazy and I wasn’t even in the heart of it… but, I guess the bunches of chaotic people did bring humor to my day!

This week in particular was different from all of the others because this week Precollege students got a chance to tour the new “Youthquake” exhibit at the FIT museum, we also toured the “IMPACT” exhibit and “Fashion A-Z” exhibit. Unfortunately, pictures weren’t allowed but I’ll tell you my favorites! I was really excited for the “Youthquake” exhibit, a few weeks ago I heard it was coming up and couldn’t wait to see it! Not surprisingly, I was not the least bit disappointed by it, to anyone who hasn’t seen I highly recommend you check it out! However, my favorite out of all three was the “IMPACT” exhibit. When I walked into the exhibit there was just tons and tons of mannequins filling out all the walls. What really amazed me was that fact that some of the clothing were as old as 50 years old yet you were still able to tell which designer created the clothing, it was also amazing to see that a designer’s aesthetic stays within them for such a long time. For example, in some cases I was able to tell which designer designed what from Betsey Johnson’s quirky and wacky style (particularly her notorious cherries), Bill Blass’s simplicity, or Michael Kor’s infamous golds and metallics. Overall, all the exhibits were wonderful, I am going to make it a priority every time a new exhibit comes along to make sure to see it on my own!

Here’s just kind of a “play-by-play” of a day with me at FIT:


My commute!


Arriving at FIT!


Shortly after I entered class my class and I went down to the museum. Make sure to check out the slideshow of this weeks “Youthquake” event, there’s tons of pictures (there’s even a picture of myself and me and my class in it)!


On break I took a trip to the Fashion Design Bookstore right across the street from the A building!


After class I went to Beacon’s Closet in the East Village, if you’re willing to go out of the “FIT area” I would definitely recommend going!


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