Youthquake: The1960’s Fashion Revolution, Part 1

Each year the graduate students of the Fashion and Textiles: History, Theory, Museum Practice program curate an exhibit in the  Museum at FIT and then present to the students in Precollege Programs about the content of the exhibit and the process of curating the exhibit. Today, they presented the exhibit “Youthquake: The1960’s Fashion Revolution.”

The 1960s Fashion Revolution explores the dramatic impact of youth culture on fashion during the 1960s. “Once only the rich, the Establishment, set the fashion,” said pioneering British designer and boutique owner Mary Quant. “Now it is the inexpensive little dress seen on the girls in High Street.”

The exhibition begins by looking at a new generation of designers and their innovative boutiques, where young clientele—an increasingly powerful consumer class—shopped and socialized. London was the epicenter of youth-generated style, but youthquake boutiques soon began to open internationally. New York’s Paraphernalia boutique sold work by emerging talent such as Betsey Johnson, in addition to the work of London designers. Paraphernalia’s cutting-edge designs will be represented by a mini-dress in metallic copper knit.

* For more information, you can, check out the Museum’s page  or the graduate student’s exhibition website.

Precollege students attentively watched a presentation hosted in the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre in FIT.

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