Course Showcase: HSX 132 Advocacy U

Here is another BRAND NEW Precollege Workshop course we are featuring this Spring! You can complete this short intensive course in just 4 Saturdays from April 21 – May 12. Read the course description below and click here to register!

HSX 132: Advocacy U

Community service has become an unofficial requirement to gain admittance into most colleges.  In this workshop you will learn how to take volunteerism to the next level and stand out amongst your peers.  Students select their favorite cause or charity and learn how to build a successful awareness and fundraising campaign.  Each session will focus on the key aspects of professional nonprofit work, including developing and executing marketing/communications plans, grassroots fundraising, event planning, and forging community and corporate partnerships.  Upon completion of this workshop, you will be armed with the tools of an all-star advocate and ready to rally support for your chosen cause.

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