Course Showcase: HSX 133 Fashion Journalism

We have another Course Showcase for you! Let us introduce you to a BRAND NEW Precollege Workshop course called Fashion Journalism. Precollege Workshops are short intensive courses, which in the Spring is scheduled on 4 Saturdays from April 21 – May 12. Read below for the course description of this hot new class and click here to register!

HSX 133 Fashion Journalism:

As we become a more content-driven society, there is greater demand for well-developed editorial.  Through four interactive sessions, students will discover the many facets of journalism in fashion and related fields, and the extensive career opportunities affiliated with it.  An understanding of editorial and written content will be developed through various projects involving conducting interviews, newsgathering, and concept development.  Students will hone their journalism skills by writing and editing fashion news and feature stories.  Basic knowledge of copyediting, headline-writing, captions and journalism etiquette will be covered.

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