FIT: The Beginning of Something New! My First Day Experience…

Oh, how was my first day you ask? Well, it was spectacular! Though, the beginning of the journey to NYC was a bit rough- I woke up at 7 sharp so I could get to my Drawing for Illustration class as early as possible. Having to walk a half mile to catch the bus then 16 blocks to FIT get’s a bit tiring, but it was all worth it!

The vibe of the room was all so artsy. A place I thought I belonged.

Once my professor started doing attendance and started to ask what grade we were in, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only freshman in my class. Then I realized, you’re never too young to know what you want to do- maybe sometimes you’ll question what you might want to do but at the end of the day, you’ll eventually find your calling. I just so happened to find mine at that very moment.

We started with a warm up. We had to draw someone- no problem right? Wrong! I consider myself a rookie and so once I heard this, I couldn’t help but feel a bit self cautious with what I was doing. The outcome came a bit better than expected, but I wish I would’ve done a bit better. Confidence is key so I must keep that in mind from this day forward!

I  did learn to sketch a model roughly from head to toe, which I think is key for me to succeed in my drawing skills, which I know will only get better with this course. Also, it’s nice to get into some hands-on work on the first day of class. I  wished my high school teachers prepared work for us to do on our first day of class… I find it rare that that happens.

turtle in Drawing for Illustration

Once it was lunch time, I noticed this little saying written on one of the tables that said  “There once was turtle, who lived in her shell. The shell was her home and her prison as well.” I found it interesting in a way that was bothersome yet awesome! Haha. It brings to mind individuality and open mindedness, which I see in every single one of my classmates. I wish I would’ve known them much better, but there is 10 more weeks for that to happen! Oh the joy!

I can’t wait to see the city again, to walk those blocks again, to learn something new next Saturday!

What might you learn at FIT?


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