What hasn’t gotten better?

In the 6th classes I’ve taken at FIT, there isn’t one aspect of my work that hasn’t improved. Truthfully, it’s a little embarrassing to look at my old work and think that I was actually that terrible. Even though I need to work a lot more, I’m proud of my work. Now, the fabric I render…actually looks like fabric! And the shoes look like shoes and the faces don’t look like aliens!

Today in class I worked on rendering tulle, which still needs some work. Shoes are probably the hardest for me. Even though I have tons of ideas for shoes, they always seem a little odd looking to me. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself because I want to focus on Apparel though, and my garment detailing has definitely gotten better.

I have my portfolio interview with FIT December 3rd, and I’m incredibly nervous. I’ll probably be sketching up until I actually get called in. However, I have gotten some tips on interview advice, so I’ll share it with you. First, (I got this from Tim Gunn’s book, haha) when asked who your favorite designers are, try to include an American designer. In response to this question, most people ramble off a few european designers.  European designers are great, but if you’re going to a fashion design school in America, you might want to show some background knowledge of designers who went to an American design school. (Calvin Klein went to FIT!) Also, it helps if you pronounce the names right. Second, you should know the construction details of the garments that you sketch. This is what I would equate to knowing the materials you use in fine arts. How can you design clothing if you don’t know how it’s put together? Garments have seams, a point of entry, hemlines, pockets, etc.

For the remainder of the semester, I’m working on getting my portfolio finished and ready for interviews and college applications.