Portfolio Preparation: Putting Forth As Much Effort As Possible

So, I’ve unintentionally been working on my portfolio since my first year of high school.  I have been taking classes in my school for computer graphics and drawing and although it is not directly related to what I want to do, I want to show that I have a wide range of creative talents not just limited to what I want to study in college.  There is no specific major at FIT for fashion styling, although there is classes for it so I want to major in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design.

Although FIT is my first and obvious choice, I am also going to apply to LIM, The New School, and SVA just to be safe.  I am a junior, so I still have a few months to decide everything for sure.  To apply for the visual program at FIT, I need to write 5 short essays, provide 12 examples of store/window/gallery design, and 10 examples of any media art.  That’s a lot of work!  I basically have all 10 of the any media works of art done I just have to decide which are my best.  So all I really have to tackle is the design submissions and the essays.  Lucky for me in my current class, Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products for the Visual Industry; I am getting to create amazing and very professional looking examples for my portfolio.  In addition, my final project for The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising was a fashion forecast analysis for Spring 2012 which I put a ton of effort in and I am very proud of.

Overall, the best work I will be submitting is the work I have done for my classes at FIT!

My advice for everyone is to put as much effort as possible in every project you take on, and your hard work will pay off with success. c;



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