A Day at FIT With Me

Hello Again!

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because of [insert drum roll here]: FIT!!! After a long week of boring, pointless classes, I enjoy waking up early to come to the city. The only class I really like this year is AP Art History. Last week was really hard for me though. We inserted darts into the “muslin skirt.” This was hard because the darts had to be equally big and equally spaced out and look the same from the front and back which proved to be a challenge, but it’s a comfort that some people weren’t as far ahead of me.

After class I love going to Buffalo Exchange. That’s my favorite store. I also like going to 34th Street to shop at H&M and Forever 21. But what I like about Buffalo Exchange is that I can find unique pieces that are usually both cheaper and that I like more. If I need any supplies I go to the Fashion Design Bookstore across the street from the C Building — In my opinion that’s the best place to buy supplies. An awesome restaurant is in the area called Cafeteria. They have greattttttttt food (although there was a 45 minute wait last week when I went there – bummer). Another fun place to go is Billy’s Bakery. It’s this cute (tiny) 1950s-style bakery on 9th Avenue. You should check it out. So where do you all like to go after class?

Yours Truly,


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