Introducing Precollege Intern: Yulissa

From fashion and styles I’ve also received a smile. My name is Yulissa – I am a Jersey Girl by location not by heart. I am currently a high school senior in a small town called Rockaway. For my Gifted and Talented program, I choose to do an independent study which allowed me to study any possible field that I was interested in. Without thinking twice I knew fashion had stolen my heart, which led to where I am now: an intern with Precollege Programs at FIT. I love every minute of it!  Fashion is my motivation; it allows me to express myself. Over the summer I love to travel and experience the culture and fashion from different countries.

I hope to pursue my dream by attending FIT and majoring in Fashion Merchandising Management. After two years I would love to apply to FIT again and major in Fashion Design.

There is always something that instantly makes your heart smile, for me it’s fashion.

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