Sometimes Change Is Good

I’m officially obsessed with my interior design class! The week has been going slower than usual anticipating Saturday’s class.I can’t stop thinking about my plans for the assignment that our profession gave to us. I’ve been drawing out different floor plans on the dry erase board in my room everyday and I’ve also  been searching for supplies all week. I have such a busy schedule but suddenly my Saturday class is all I can focus on! Being in the program has also been a balancing act for me. My F.I.T. schedule and cheerleading schedule clash, A LOT. It’s so hard to choose between the two because I’m so passionate about both. I’m doing my best to manage them but it’s getting really hard.

Being in the Pecollege program has made me 100%a sure that F.I.T. is the school for me. I actually just started filling out my SUNY application, it’s so nerve racking! I love the environment at F.I.T., when I walk into the school its so different than walking into my regular high school class. I’m much more involved and interested . I feel like Ican be creative and opinionated. My personality in school is very different than in the procollege class. In school I’m always viewed as the “cheerleader” or “pageant girl”,  at F.I.T. I feel like I have no label and it feels really good!

My life is already changing so much from being in the program. I hope everyone is enjoying the experience as much as I am. :)


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