Monday was awesome! During my fashion design class I could realize how much I have learned in just one week!!!  My drawings are getting better each day and this week we are learning to draw different details. For example, puffy sleeves and ruffles. My homework was to finish an outfit using these techniques. I am doing a kind of retro summer dress.












My second class is AMC and I love it!!  It is very interesting! Last week we learned the basics of advertising and marketing techniques , so this week we are analyzing some advertisements. My classmates are really funny and the teacher makes the class really interesting because he knows a lot about the subject. He encourages us to analyze each and every detail, really each one! The way I see the advertisings and stores have forever changed after just one week of classes! This course is giving me an idea of what college is, and what my future major (AMC) will be.

This weekend I went with some friends from FIT to the Alexander Mc Queen exhibition at the MET (You can’t leave New York without seeing it! It ends on August 7, so hurry up!). After that we went to Soho and had lunch at this great hamburgers place. The next two days I just relaxed and enjoy New York, and did a little bit of shopping.

This second Monday I felt as if I have been at FIT for months! Last week I learned to organize my time and got orientated in the city, so now I can go everywhere and do whatever I want. I am really impressed at how safe the city is. Last week was fast but this second one will surely be faster so enjoy everything – your friends, classes, food and weather! Time is going fast so live the present moment and be happy.

I would love to know how your second Monday was?



One thought on “LIFE COULDN’T BE BETTER!!

  1. wow! Everything you’ve just said made me feel like changing my career to a fashion designer one! hahaha…it’s amazing everything you said about the classes as well as the school…now I understand why it’s the best on the field! :D
    Good luck!

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