A Combination of Music and Typography

I can honestly say my first week  FIT was awesome! I’ve learned so much and I’m in a class with great people. This Monday was so different from last Monday because I’m more adjusted to the class, all of the “introduction” work is over and now we’re doing actual projects!

Our teacher put our inspiration project on hold and we started something new. Our new project is to illustrate 3 adjectives describing a music genre.

The minute this was assigned, I couldn’t wait to start! It’s perfect because it’s combining my love of type and music. I chose to do punk rock. Using the music of The Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, and The Ramones, I came up with these 3 words: destructive, rebellious, and attraction. What we first did was make a LONG  list of words to describe our genres, then narrowed it down. That followed with having about an hour to just sketch out what we wanted to do. By the end of class, we all had our final ideas.

Our weekend homework was to make a neat looking rough copy of our final thoughts. It took about an hour (not too bad!) When we came back to class on Monday, we had a class critique that got us to open up to one another and it helped me realize things I could’ve done better.

Even though I have only been in class for one week, I still feel like I have learned a lot. I’m currently working on some projects outside of class and when I went to add type to it, I paid attention to things I would’ve usually ignored (like spacing and word alignment). Our professor showed us a movie on the font Helvetica. It was actually really interesting. It showed you how the font was designed and how it is used almost everywhere today. Coming home, I actually noticed that it is used in so many ads and logos! Did anyone watch any cool documentaries or learn about the history of what they are studying?


Helvetica Movie Poster

PS. A few people have asked me what supplies we use in the class and I wanted to show everyone what goes into type design! Here they are:

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