Tip of the Week: What To Do If You Are Absent Or Need To Leave Early!

For this week’s Tip of the Week, we wanted to talk to you about absences and leaving early. Absences happen – people get sick, have other responsibilities and so forth. We totally understand that. However, there are a few things you will be required to do.

If you know you are going to be absent from a Precollege class, you need to do two things:


  1. Call 212.217.4630 and press option 4. This is the absence line. Just leave a message and we’ll make a note of your absence.
  2. Bring a note with you the next day for your teacher.

Now, if you need to leave early from class, please make sure you bring a note signed by your parent/guardian. Make sure the note includes:

  1. The date
  2. The student’s full name
  3. The time you need to leave.

Before your class, simply bring the note to the Precollege Office in D-130 so that we can sign it and then give it to your instructor and you will be released early from class.

Enjoy week 2 of Summer Live!!

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