Spring Break Project Recap: Recreating Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The scary thought progressing through my mind at the moment is colleges. The thought of being free, independent, and one step closer to becoming an adult brings excitement as well as anxiousness. Finishing up my junior year with more stress then ever, I am petrified of not getting into one of the fashion colleges of my dreams: Fashion Institute of Technology and LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.) With all the prep for major tests and regents and handling simple school work, working on a portfolio is also a huge priority in my life.

As I started to explain in a previous blog, during my spring break I worked on a shoot with a couple of friends. We re-created the vibe of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The shoot was done at two locations: The stone steps and waterfall in front of the Plaza Hotel and the Tiffany & Co. store located on 5th Avenue and 57th street. The shoot became a huge success when many tourists stood behind the photographer taking snap shots and glazing at the model and scenery. When people started to ask the model and I if they could take photos with her, it was a great feeling of accomplishment for my team and I. Especially when there was fifteen people lined up waiting to take their picture with ‘Audrey’. The model loved the attention and didn’t mind posing for the fellow tourists on the NYC streets. But then again, when your Audrey Hepburn, one of the most symbolic beauties of all time, why wouldn’t you flaunt it?

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the shoot: I would love to hear feedback on whether you like or dislike my work. I would also love to hear tips any one has for me! I LOVE OPINIONS :)

I adore that piece of hair blowing by her face! Although the feet are a tad awkward.

This was a quick shoot we threw together at the last moment at the Plaza. The pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted them but this one was the exception. I like the way her outfit is flaunted.

Again, I would love to hear your feedback and opinion.


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