High School, Then College: Just Be Happy :)

I have only three classes left to go, and I’ve come a long way even from the beginning of this semester. The skills I have learned in my beginner course gave me all the tools and fundamentals to practice drawing models and improving them by myself, convincing me that I didn’t need an extra course in fashion. To me, fashion is my passion, but the designing aspect of it, as I learned last year, is not my match. This year, however, I took that extra step to go further so that I could advance my skill-level and claim, without hesitation, that I am somewhat a fashion designer. Now that spring classes are almost over, I am extremely grateful, with absolutely no regret, that I chose to continue on to the advanced class. Yes, you have to know how to manage your time and find a balance between doing schoolwork and fashion homework, but the challenge presented to me only gave me more opportunities to practice using my time well and realizing the value of time in high school.

As for a final portfolio to display my artwork, that will most likely not happen because of, once again, time commitment. I have to focus on my academics this summer before my junior year, so a summer course, although ideal, is not realistic for me. In the future, I hope to enter the fashion world through writing, which is not that fun to do for required essays and assignments for school, but I enjoy being able to express myself through words, which is another form of art indeed! Who knows, maybe in college, I’ll study art history as one of my majors? One thing’s for sure: I don’t know.

All I know for now is what I enjoy and what makes me happy. And that’s all there is to life! (With some extra effort and time.)


P.S. Make sure you check out the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET! It’s going to be AMAZING.

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