My Love/Hate Relationship With Being Busy

I submitted my project today! I eventually ended up tweaking my original hot pink dress into a polk-a-dotted, red a-line with a shimmery hemline. I was extremely pleased with my project, especially since I only began last night at 10 P.M. I guess I have strong, solid stamina, because I lasted through the entire night until 5 A.M., when I finally completed all three of my illustrations. I know, I’m crazy.

Here are two of my drawings for my spring collection:


A day dress with flair. Polk-a-dot cotton top.

Day into evening wear. Jumpsuit pants with a lace rib top and light leather jacket.

This is my life. In high school. Except last night was the latest I’ve stayed up until, so that’s a new personal record for me.

With homework day after day, hours of sports, and clubs, I feel overwhelmed maintaining a balance and finding success in all of my activities. I reassure myself, thinking it’s better to be busy than to be loafing around the hosue. After school, I always find myself fighting against the urge to sleep, which will only waste precious working time. Facebook only makes the situation works—I’m not an addict—but once you sign on, there’s almost no turning back, and my body’s sense of time becomes dysfunctional.

April Month Calendar

Marilyn Monroe for the month of April

Add on the pressure of standardized tests and the looming junior-year workload, and I must only be one thing: a teenage robot that lives her life accordingly to her blueprint, that is, my calendar. It hangs on my wall and I constantly update it with any upcoming events and meetings. Lately, I’ve been volunteering often in my community, so my weekends are always filled with something to do.

My fashion class definitely chews up most of my Saturdays, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. I have trouble finding time to practice designing, which happens usually on Friday nights before class, but as long as I use it wisely, I’ll be well on my way through the journey FIT has provided me!


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