Practice Makes Perfect in Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques!

Finally, spring weather! My morning at FIT was another day of working on my first two projects for my fashion design class. My assignments are to:

1) create a modern garment based on an inspiration from before the 1950s

2) design a spring collection inspired by an exhibit from the FIT Museum

I’m dying to put my sketches all together but first I have to decide on several choices that will affect my final product. Besides drawing the clothes, there are fabric swatches to be bought, colors to be used, and styles to be chosen, but this is for the end.

At the start of the project, my entire class visited the Vivienne Westwood exhibit and the Japan Fashion Now exhibit, in addition to the other garments displayed in the FIT Museum. My classmates and I, including my professor, quickly sketched outfits that inspired us to be used later in the design process. Sketching was difficult when standing up but the drawings were extremely helpful later on in the classroom when all of us spent time on thinking of our own designs based on the museum exhibits.

In my advanced design class, Professor Giardina reviewed the fundamentals during the first two class session before moving on to teaching us new tips and tricks, such as shimmer and hair. She has been emphasizing how we can make our sketches more detailed and less basic in this course. I have to work harder in this class than I did in my previous beginner class. This new challenge is demanding, but my desire to produce work that shows my total effort encourages me to continue, even when the task seems impossible. My professor is a dexterous designer whose sketches are always immaculate, so honestly, I was intimidated at first. However, she has been a professional for years, so I came to the conclusion that practice makes perfect! Her skill inspires me to work up to my potential, and I know that with hard effort and perseverance, I can feel proud of myself!


2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect in Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques!

  1. This year will be very hot. So fashion design sometimes depends on the occasions like weather. Observe the social changings and you will get more ideas and inspirations.

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