The Lingerie Chicks.

Here’s a little insight into the Intimate Apparel Senior class.  We may make all the draping on bust forms and nights spent slaving over knickers and corsets until security forces us out of the building look like a grand ole time, but trust that this is all the product of zero sleep and overall delirium.

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…Enter C714 at your own risk.

6 thoughts on “The Lingerie Chicks.

  1. Hi Lorna – I love the video. We sell intimate apparel and don’t often get to see people make it! Looks like you have a fab time. I always admire the detailing in the lingerie I see and am fascinated by the production process given the requirement for the fit to be perfect. I also notice there are no men in your class! Good luck with your course.

  2. Great video, my daughter got a kick out of it. She did not think designing clothing in school could be this much fun. Currently my daughter designs Halloween costumes for fun. I actually own a Lingerie business and we have some great articles that might be pertinent to what you guys are doing. Check them out if you have the time

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