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My name is Lania, and I will be posting updates about my senior collection! A little about me: I’m originally from Brazil (Sao Paulo), having spent the last 7 years in New York, mostly in Brooklyn.  My background is very scattered: I studied business, then went to Fine Arts in order to get more experience in drawing as a way to help me in fashion, something I decided as soon as I arrived in New York.

I’m glad to work on these three looks, and I’ll be posting my progress (and drama!) over the weeks.

One thought on “About Lania

  1. Hey Lania,

    Would you be interested in joining a team of Wharton undergrad students in starting a venture revolutionizing women’s business wear? We are in need of a talented designer who’s interested and fun – I’ll also be in Såo Paulo next Spring by incident so we’ll have a bit to talk about. Please let me know when you get this message. Email be at vvapparel@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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