Materials can really define your work and style, and for me, leather is one them. I am very particular when it comes to textures and colors and it is very hard to find what I like because leather seems such an uncontrollable material. However, that is the very reason I love it so much.

There are a few places I know where I can find good quality leather, such as Global and Libra. Global is ok — they have variety and good prices. Libra is very good — their quality and friendly staff are awesome. ¬†Unfortunately their prices are way too high. ¬†I have a place I always go: Aadar leather. It is the very small store on 27th btw 7th Ave and 8th Ave, and you probably walked by a million times and never realized it was there. So there is this ancient gentleman who works there, and every time I go, he lets me stay for for as long as I need to find what I am looking for. Sometimes I don’t find anything, and sometimes I find gold. The last time I was there I found the most amazing bubbly lamb, and this week I found a skin that will completely change my garment! I was in search of regular black leather, but I found this dusty-purple-brown-black lamb skin which will make my look turn from activewear from mars (which I don’t like that much) into post-apocalyptic modernist traveler run over by a stolen car.

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  1. Hi Lanai …
    Yes leather is an incredible material. There are just so so many different types for different applications. For fashion, lambskin, goatskin and a chap/handbag grade leather are also great. A lighter upholstery grade leather is also suitable for jackets and handbags.

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