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“If you like doing something, find a way to call it work,” said Sophie Blackall, the prolific Australian/Brooklynite illustrator known for her quirky picture of New York City subway riders.

Sophie Blackall's MTA poster

Hue has spent many hours gazing at Sophie Blackall’s MTA poster while waiting for the Q train to start moving again.

At FIT last night, she presented her work and narrated her career trajectory for Illustration students and faculty, as well as her husband, who occasionally fed her planted questions and loving looks. She showed a charming four-minute video about the subway poster, in which she does a lot of biking, plus some painting.

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Hue’s favorite moment of the video: She says, “I love drawing animals, but I almost always want to put clothes on them.”


Perhaps her coolest project is called Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found, in which she translated her obsession with Craigslist’s missed connections into a poignant illustrated book.

Utterly romantic and totally weird: Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found.

Apparently, she likes to put animal clothes on humans, too.

Check out Blackall’s Etsy store to see dozens more of these gems (prints of the art are for sale). Or just buy the book.