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Flash back to Lollapalooza 2007. Amy Winehouse delivered a legendary performance. M.I.A. brought down the house. And a little-known solo artist named Lady Gaga was performing underground dance music and shaking her booty. This was a year before Gaga’s megahit The Fame launched her celebrity.

Enter Monica Schweiger, Fashion Buying and Merchandising ’97, then a fashion editor at WWD. Schweiger was producing a spread on Lollapalooza style when she came across the performer.

“She was this crazy girl from Brooklyn who basically performed in her underwear,” Schweiger recalls. “She had a penchant for disco balls and sparkles.”

Schweiger pulled together a shoot that involved “a bunch of really sparkly underwear,” she says. “I put her in Dolce & Gabbana silky hot pants and sequined lingerie from Coco de Mer, all really bright and fun stuff. She had her own disco-ball bra that she made.”

Gaga made love to the camera. “She was totally fearless,” Schweiger remembers.

The article ran on WWD’s cover. “We were trying to portray innerwear as outerwear. And now pants are definitely not necessary for performers anymore.”

Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s Lady Gaga, pre-meat-dress.

That night, however, pants would have been useful. The cops hit Gaga with a citation for public indecency.