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On a sleety snowy day like today, Hue, like many fashion merchandisers of yesteryear, likes to curl up with a good old paper catalog. (Sometimes a digital catalog will suffice, if it captures the spirit of the paper one.) And nothing beats J. Peterman, with its illustrations instead of photographs and hi-larious blurbiage worthy of the best Hue Too posts.

Yes, the celebrated merchandiser (and catalog) from Seinfeld actually exists, and he has the show to thank for putting out the catalog today.

Some of Hue’s favorite Peterman copy:

For the J. Peterman Panama: “This hat is for leaders. However, should a follower pick up this hat, they will be looked on as a leader and discover hidden leadership skills.”

Looking good, pardner.

For the J. Peterman Shirt: “Of the thousand castles, mansions, châteaux you can walk through today, only Monticello, only Jefferson’s own mansion, makes you feel so comfortable you want to live in it. I think you will feel the same about his 18th-century shirt.”

For men, women, or Thomas Jefferson.

For the Long-Sleeve 1947 Dress: “Rita Hayworth wore it. Coeds and secretaries wore it. Your mother wore it. Women looked wonderful in it. Still do. And always will. Unless the female form undergoes some kind of radical transformation.”

Diane von Furstenberg, eat your heart out.

Ah, but that’s not all! Search through the “Containers and Buckets” section to find a one-of-a-kind $450 gunpowder flask or a $495 copper cauldron. Just in time, too: Hue has been searching high and low for a cauldron to replace the one stolen after his community production of Macbeth.