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Making a magazine, Hue has found out, is kind of like making a movie.  Some of the best bits get left on the cutting-room floor.  When Hue was busy producing a profile of Francisco Costa, Fashion Design ’90, for the current issue, he told us this juicy bit that we just didn’t have room to include.  Here it is.

Hue asked Costa, currently the women’s creative director of Calvin Klein Collection, whether his mother, who designed children’s wear, ever created anything for him.  He said no, but added:

“There was one point in life that I designed something for myself. I was probably nine. I was invited to go spend a week with my uncle, who organized horse shows. I felt like I had to have a new wardrobe. So I designed myself this little burgundy gabardine safari suit. It was such a disaster. I commissioned a local seamstress, not my mom’s people, because of course she would probably say to me ‘no.’ I had this woman, Martha, make it for me. I took it on my trip. So I arrive on this little vacation at my uncle’s house and my cousins are like cowboys, you know? And we are ready to go the horse show, this like, fair in the middle of nowhere, and I put on my gabardine suit, my burgundy gabardine suit, and they all look at me as though, ‘What’s happening here?’ I thought, ‘there’s something wrong. Why am I here? Why am I here in this gabardine suit?’”

Now the embodiment of chic-ness, Mr. Costa once wore a very sad gabardine suit that he designed himself. Photo by the fabulous Mr. Romer Pedron '09 (www.romerpedron.com).