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Hue is tired of having to explain to people that, although FIT is proud of its many super-talented fashion-designer alumni, lots of people here have zero aspiration of becoming a fashion designer. So Hue made a word cloud of all of FIT’s degree-bearing majors.

FIT’s degree-bearing majors in technicolor

Yes, these relate to fashion. Yes, FIT is the largest school in the nation that trains employees of the fashion industry. No, you do not have to know anything about clothing to come to FIT (though it can’t hurt).

This is all well and good, you say, but that word cloud doesn’t take into account how big the Fashion Design major is. Don’t most people come to FIT for Fashion Design?

Well, this next word cloud is weighted by the number of graduates in each major.

FIT’s majors weighted by the number of 2012 graduates

Fashion Merchandising Management is the largest major here, by a long shot.

What about all those tiny majors that look like space debris? Hue was kind enough to make another weighted word cloud, this time without the big three.

The smaller majors at FIT

Hue rests its case.