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Time has run out on seeing FIT’s excellent 2014 School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition, New Views. This year, to accommodate oversized artworks, the interdisciplinary show was moved from The Museum at FIT to The John E. Reeves Great Hall. It was up for just a week; fortunately, Hue peeked in before it was too late.

Wandering among the 90-plus artworks, from paintings to accessories to garments created by faculty in the School of Art and Design’s 17 majors, was a bewitching experience.

The "cover" of John Goodwin's animated retelling of the Cinderella story.

The “cover” of John Goodwin’s animated retelling of the Cinderella story.

A girl’s voice called out from the hum; it was an animated retelling of the Cinderella story by Adjunct Assistant Professor John D. Goodwin. A young girl narrated as animated silhouettes of ugly sisters and fabulous dressmaking flitted by on digital pages. It was hard to look away.

Hue was moved by Associate Professor CJ Yeh’s “Perfect 10,” an “augmented reality” commentary on unrealistic beauty standards among Asian girls. When the viewer stands in front of the mirror and shouts, a collage of Asian actresses’ and supermodels’ faces begins to be applied to the viewer’s. Hue is quite happy with the non-augmented reality of our own face, thank you very much.

CJ Yeh's "Perfect 10," a video screen that toys with the viewer's natural beauty.

CJ Yeh’s “Perfect 10,” a video screen that toys with the viewer’s natural beauty.

New Views was up February 8 to 16. If you missed it, you can see the works on the exhibition website.