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Julie Powell is perhaps best known as the younger of the two protagonists of the film Julie & Julia, Nora Ephron’s paean to French cooking, 50 percent based on Powell’s acclaimed work of “bliterature” by the same name.

On March 8, Powell stopped by FIT to read from Julie & Julia and chat with students, faculty, and sundry fans. Hue wasn’t sure why she didn’t read from Cleaving, her 2009 memoir about marriage and meat-cutting; maybe she was nostalgic for the early days of her fame.

Powell at the podium (well, it's technically a lectern).

Hue could see why Ephron & Co. cast Amy Adams in the role, though Powell had always imagined/hoped it would be Kate Winslet.

She read from a chapter about “the morality of slaughter,” aka killing lobsters in the name of delicious eats. Hue tried not to feel bad for the ugly guys, and wondered how Powell managed to write about so many delicious meals without overusing the word “delicious” or resorting to the archaism “toothsome.”

Those who caught the film will recall the moment when Julia Child hears about Powell’s blog and is furious about it. Powell said she faced a lot of that censure from Child’s clan, especially Judith Jones, her esteemed editor.

“[Jones] says I’m an exploitative hussy,” Powell said. “But after my book came out, Mastering the Art of French Cooking was on the bestseller list for the first time in 10 years. You know what? A thank you would be in order.”

Powell’s current project is a novel. “I’ve written two memoirs now, and that’s enough,” she said.