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Hue loves a good Halloween scare. But even more than that, we love design-competition reality TV. And Martha Stewart delivered.

Shriek or Chic, a Halloween-themed web miniseries, is a competition to craft Martha’s Halloween costume this year. Miraculously, all three contestants–Joelle Samaha, Taylor Ormond, and Gabrielle Ruffino–went to, or are enrolled at, FIT!

The show is delicious–and if it’s not quite as dramatic or catty as Project Runway, it’s still impossible to stop watching. And if you’re game for the insanely work-intensive decorations Martha Stewart is famous for, then you might get some pointers on sewing your own costume. Or you could just go to FIT.

So skip the Halloween party and check it out.


Did you know? Halloween is Martha Stewart’s favorite holiday. Photo courtesy



We at Hue have our favorite fashion weirdnesses. We love bustles, of course, and those super-bizarro horned headdresses that women wore in the 15th century.

But the codpiece takes the cake. What was it about? Can it really be as obvious as it seems?

Fortunately, we now have a video, created and narrated by FIT faculty member Chloe Chapin, to explain it all: history, significance, even a bit of theory.

Chapin made the film on an artist’s residency at The MacDowell Colony. Her work there eventually led to a Fulbright grant in which she did research on the history of men’s suits. She now uses it in her Fashion Design courses at the college.