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Hue is eagerly awaiting today’s Future of Fashion runway show, a collection of the best looks from this year’s graduating BFA Fashion Design students. It will be streamed live today at 7 pm on the Future of Fashion website.

By some bizarre coincidence, the fashion show episode of Saved by the Bell was on TV a few days ago. (And no, Hue was not curled up in a cashmere blanket, binge-watching E! over a double-cup of Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers cocoa.)

Many of today’s graduating students have probably never seen Saved by the Bell, that classic early-’90s sitcom about the ka-razy hijinks of a group of high school friends who spend most of their lives in a diner. In fact, a lot of them weren’t even alive on September 26, 1992, when this episode originally ran.

Zack Morris warns Screech to stay on script in a fashion-show episode of Saved by the Bell.

Zack Morris warns Screech to stay on script in a fashion-show episode of Saved by the Bell.

In it, “The Bayside Triangle,” Lisa wants to get into FIT, or “The Fashion Institute,” as they also call it. (The word “Technology” is such a tongue-twister!) Instead of applying, which would really be quite boring to watch, she does what any high-school fashionista would do: she puts on a fashion show for an FIT recruiter, who flies in from New York to see it. (Did the writers know FIT is a public institution?)

Jessie and Kelly model Lisa's designs. Hue loves the shoulder pads.

Jessie and Kelly model Lisa’s designs. Hue adores the shoulder pads.

Of course the show wows the recruiter with such avant-garde designs as olive-green denim pants and blazers “made of pure Belgian wool.” And despite Screech’s attempts to derail the show, the recruiter proudly states that, “I know fashion talent when I see it. And I am recommending you for admission to F… I… T!”

If only life were so easy.

The recruiter, in the blue skirt suit, confers her recommendation.

The recruiter, in the skirt suit, confers her recommendation.