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Hue’s summer issue features a profile of Katie Covington and Janet Crowther, Jewelry Design ’08 and ’09, respectively, and their company, For the Makers. Essentially, it’s a monthly subscription to a craft box, a little kit with the materials for four accessories, jewelry and the like. Very cute and fun for crafty people short of time and/or inspiration.

Not being one to write about something without trying it (especially when it comes to baked goods, but also for other products), Hue requested a sample and got to work.

For the Makers’ “Wintergreen” box. (Photo courtesy of For the Makers.) Hue made the stretchy bracelets and the cup holder.

First up was a five-minute project to make elastic bracelets. All it involved was threading a metal bead onto an elastic, then tying the elastic. Easy peasy over easy!

The bracelets were in pretty colors and were incredibly easy to make. In retrospect, Hue should have mistrusted the confidence that this early success brought on.

Next, Hue tackled a rather more difficult project, a felt coffee sleeve. Considering how much coffee Hue drinks (and, admittedly, how little jewelry Hue wears), this would be eminently useful.

The directions are here, if you’re curious:

First step was to cut out the paper pattern, and to cut the felt in that pattern. Considering Hue’s expertise in cutting patterns, that was no trouble at all.

Someone far more talented than Hue cutting the felt. Image courtesy of For the Makers.

Next, Hue had to sew a beaded chain onto the edges of the felt by stitching in between each tiny bead. The idea is pretty brilliant: a throwaway chain turns into a perfect row of studs with the help of some black thread.

It is not clear how long this step was supposed to take, but Hue is sure it took longer than it should have. In fact, the length of time it took will remain a secret. OK, fine. It took two hours.

Someone far more talented than Hue sewing on the chain, bead by bead. Image courtesy of For the Makers.

After that herculean labor (somewhere on the difficulty spectrum between washing out the Augean stables and slaying the Stymphalian birds), stitching the ends together and adding the studs was relatively easy.

Unfortunately, Hue’s version didn’t turn out quite as good as the one in the picture. And it doesn’t seem quite as big as it’s supposed to be. It fits nicely around an 8-ounce coffee cup, but it barely grips the base of anything larger. Perhaps this is a sign from the crafting gods to drink less coffee.

If the lines don’t look straight, you’re probably intoxicated. Photo by Smiljana Peros.

ADDENDUM: Since this article was written, Hue found a real crafter in the office, Julianna Dow, to make the most complicated project of all, a funky necklace. As you can see, she had no trouble with it. Which suggests that these crafting projects are perfect… for the right person.

For the Makers’ necklace… looking good! Photo by Smiljana Peros.

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