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A public service announcement from Hue: Anyone who hasn’t seen the Art & Design Graduating Student Exhibition is missing out.

But if you are missing it, or if you did miss it (it closes May 23), then here is your consolation prize: more photos of the fabulous work by the (equally fabulous) Smiljana Peros.

In Packaging Design, in the lobby of The Museum at FIT:

Skin care product packaging by Kathleen Gamboa, Packaging Design ’13. The triangular boxes have major shelf appeal.

In Illustration, in the downstairs gallery at The Museum at FIT:

“Queen Elizabeth as the Cat and the Fiddle,” an oil painting by Sunna Yim, Illustration ’13. So lifelike, one could almost believe that man-dog is real!

Another luscious illustration with phenomenal detail:

“Solitary Woman,” an oil painting by Alyssa Bauer, Illustration ’13.

The floor plans by the Interior Design BFA students were hard to capture in a photo, so here’s a design by an AAS Interior Design student.

“Bird House — Inspiration: Ridley Scott,” a mixed media project by Esther Bang, Interior Design.

Last but not least, the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design group project is an exhibition about the superhero, entitled “Heroes and Villains,” in the Pomerantz lobby. It’s a lot of fun, especially for youngins and comic-book geeks, but also for anyone who enjoys superhero movies and innovative exhibitions.

A jester in the Heroes & Villains exhibition in the Pomerantz lobby, created by the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design graduating students.


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