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Assistant Professor Anne Kong, Display and Exhibit Design ’77, was named one of nine Retail Design Influencers in DDI Magazine’s September issue, for her work bringing together Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design students and the industry they’re working toward.

She’s also mad talented at building stuff.

As a prototyper, she takes commissions to create larger-than-life versions of everyday products. Like these Skullcandy headphones that she custom-built, all in different sizes, for 25 statues around New York City.

Even the FiDi bull is trying to tune us out.

She sculpted each one in foam, coated it in plaster, and sanded it smooth. Then she lay a sheet of PVC plastic over it and heated it up until the plastic started to droop. A vacuum machine underneath sucked the PVC onto the form, and voila, instant headphones. They might not have been functional, but from a marketing perspective, they worked like a charm.

She also made this enormous Clarisonic cleansing device, for a trade show. If it actually vibrated, this baby could polish the kitchen floor in ten seconds flat.

The mother of all sonic cleansing brushes.

She placed each bristle, as fine as a human hair, by hand. It took four days.

The Clarisonic brush before going into hair and makeup.

“They give you killer deadlines in this business,” she says. “And when you finish something, they’ll ask you to illuminate it.”

These feats are all the more astounding when you consider that Hue cannot make a working paper airplane.

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