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Polly Whitehorn, Fashion Design ’75, who appeared in Hue’s summer issue, was delighted to encounter a former professor last year after many years.

Whitehorn, who practices art photography when she’s not working at eCareDiary, participated in the  Long Island Center of Photography’s free family portrait day at the African American Museum of Nassau County. “Many in the underserved community had never had their portrait taken,” she says.

An elderly couple stepped up for a sitting. Whitehorn didn’t recognize them at first.

Whitehorn’s photo of Mrs. Burke and her close friend.

Whitehorn says: “When the woman opened her mouth, I realized it was Mrs. Burke, Beverly Burke, my first and favorite professor at FIT! She taught the required professional sewing course. She wanted us to leave the methods of ‘loving hands’ at home and learn to sew according to industry standards. She left such an impression on me. I took the class during the summer. It was about 98 degrees with no air conditioning, and in she walks, wearing a beautifully tailored suit, her makeup perfectly applied, not a bead of perspiration anywhere. All I wanted to do was sew like Mrs. Burke.”

Who was your favorite professor? Tell us in the comments below.


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  2. Jose M. Gonzalez

    Professor Blume from the Art History Department was my favorite and most influential teacher during my undergraduate studies at FIT. Her teaching method penetrated my core being. I still remember how I looked forward to the following weeks class after class ended. I would dress up for her class. She made me feel smart. I felt smart and compentent after her class. Because of Professor Blume’s teaching methods I look at the world differently

  3. Suzette

    Our professors really touch our hearts to embrace what they taught us and use their lessons in real life. They contribute a lot of who we are. Thanks for this inspiring article. It gives me a chance to reminisce my favorite professor.

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