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It’s July.  Hue’s mind is melting.  We feel like our attention span has turned into a formless, oozy substance.  We drizzle it over things.

We have discovered a photography app called Instagram.  Yesterday, we walked around FIT and experienced the college through the app’s various filters.

This rather testy individual was spotted on 27 Street. He wore fur, which he came by honestly.

Instagram makes us nostalgic for everything, even that which is occurring in the present.

Someone in FIT’s library made this collage featuring the queen, versions old and new.

We actually find ourselves nostalgic about our current reading material:

“The Dentist,” a story from Mary Gaitskill’s Because They Wanted To. Truly remarkable.


Or this whorl of gelato, which tempted us:  (We didn’t give in.)

Hue’s new iPhone lets us crop photos for the first time. Very exciting.

There’s so much beauty to pluck and savor.  Instagram shows that you can find it quite nearby—even on a co-worker’s desk:

This particular co-worker has a degree in horticulture.

What’s on your mind right now?  What’s beautiful?  Take a picture of it with your cell phone, and send it to Hue.  If we get enough entries, we’ll do a roundup on the blog; if we’re overwhelmed with submissions, we’ll do a feature in the magazine.



  1. Pepper

    Timely, Hue! I was just discussing this with a friend. Here goes: I am a bit bored with the post-modern aesthetic of the Instagram. They remind me of the graphic designer Photoshopped- within- an -inch- of- it’s- life 1990’s CD art. Or the high-end line Hallmark card with the image pasted on the center front of parchment card stock. Harsh, I know. And from someone who does not even have an IPhone!
    Every decade has its mainstream photo: the 60’s Kodak date-stamped square (incredible faded color that nary an Instagram filter can reproduce) ; the 70’s – 80’s Polaroid (a little white-bordered developing lab- genius!!- created in 1948, affordable to all much later); the 90’s uber-pixelated early digital disasters fading quickly in an album near you; etc.
    Yet, with so many filters, effects, etc., Instagram images are instantly recognizable as 2000’s image du jour, which has spurred the ubiquitous tag #nofilter: I did NOT d*#k with this. It’s a raw, third generation image! (phone to PC to social media outlet) The more things change……….
    That said, seeing hundreds of neat, orderly, cropped images bounce off my retinas daily should be calming, instead I crave the chaos of WeeGee, or the blunt crispness of Mapplethorpe.
    Enjoy, I know it’s fun from an instant gratification standpoint and previous IPhone image capturing technology sucked. Just wondering what 2020 images will look like.


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