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Calling all potential viewers of FIT’s Art and Design Graduating Student Exhibition: Tomorrow (May 22) is its last day.

Hue was struck by much of the art in the Great Hall, but especially by the installations that invited the viewer inside. Take, for example, “Graveyard” by Marcel Bornstein, a concrete foundation with several plots.

Installation in FIT's Great Hall

"Graveyard" by Marcel Bornstein '12

At the entrance, Hue found a poem and a handwritten note that read, “YOU CAN WALK ON IT (PLEASE)”. Hue complied. Being inside the installation almost felt like walking through a graveyard; Bornstein captured the dark solitude of it quite viscerally.

A closeup shot of the Graveyard installation

More of "Graveyard"

Also in the show was “Vestige,” which resembled a scrapbooking desk straight outta grandma’s house. As directed, Hue sat in the chair, opened the drawers, and flipped through the books.

An artwork in FIT's A&D exhibition

"Vestige" by Cassandra Holden, Fine Arts '12

The drawers were filled with (surprise!) hair. The books contained shapes and textures that felt resonant, even if Hue wasn’t sure what they meant.

Hue definitely appreciates art more from the inside.

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