Hue is totally in love with the drawings of Monika Maniecki, Illustration MFA ’11.  Recently, she’s been creating drawings on her iPad using a program, “Art Rage.”

Hue asked Monika what it’s like to draw on her iPad and she said, “I use a ‘nomad brush’—a stylus that’s like a real brush, with bristles. There’s a tiny lag time between when you make a stroke and when it appears, so it’s hard to control it completely.  There’s more of a distance between you and the surface. But I like the challenge: I have to embrace the idea that it’s not perfect.”

This isn’t Monika’s first time drawing digitally, of course; at FIT, she took a course called Integrating Digital with Traditional Media.  Now she teaches it.

Maybe someday, if you’re lucky, Monika will paint your portrait.

Check out more of her drawings at:

Do you draw on your iPad?  Send us some sketches at

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