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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when the work of FIT’s graduating students in 17 Art and Design majors decks the halls. Catch it before May 22, when most of the exhibitions will disappear.

Hue was digging on heels today, especially the mondo outrageous kind in the Accessories Design display case in the lobby of the Feldman Center.

Brightly colored shoe and bags

"Eccentric Playland" by Danielle Stein, Accessories Design '12

Danielle Stein, the creator of this wonderland, claims that My Little Pony inspired her varicolored extravaganza, but Hue sees much more of a Rainbow Brite influence. Perhaps Stein wasn’t as devoted a viewer of girls’ cartoons as Hue was.

Steampunk shoe and sunglasses

"Tarnished Timepieces" by Alexandra Seleska, Accessories Design '12

This beaut of a wedge looks a little… heavy… though perhaps its steampunk style and whirring gear in the back would be downright useful while wearing a Rocketeer jetpack.

A blinking high heeled shoe

"The Force" by Ah-Young Kwak, Accessories Design '12

Hue wishes it were 1977 and John Travolta needed a dance partner. The LEDs in the sole would also come in handy on a roller rink circa 1985, or in a poorly lit parking garage anytime, really.


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