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Let’s put it this way: The output of Bil Donovan, Illustration ’77, makes Hue feel lazy.

He recently collaborated with photographer Tatijana Schon to create these stunning photo/illo hybrids of fashionista Michelle Harper for Schon’s new magazine, As If. The photos were also displayed at Fendi Casa during Art Basel Miami.

One of Donovan's images (on Schon's photo of Michelle Harper)

And to think, instead of choosing between photography and illustration, fashion editors could have had both this whole time!

This ain't no Juicy Fruit commercial.

Donovan also recently illustrated his second book with HarperCollins, Birds of a Feather Shop Together: Aesop’s Fables for the Fashionable Set, by Sandra Bark. Hue wants to lick these shoes:

Which one of these is Lil' Kim?

Third but not last (Donovan has so much work, he probably hires drones to teach his classes) is a set of fashiony note cards for Papyrus. The stationer, not the font.

Two of Donovan's four note cards for Papyrus

Hue is planning on buying a set and sending one to Donovan that reads,

“Dear Bil,

This note card speaks for itself.

Love, Hue.”

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