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Hue likes books, and, sometimes, the people who write them. In November, Jennifer Egan, author of the fabulous story collection or novel (we’re still not sure which) A Visit from the Goon Squad, came to FIT to give a reading, an event sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts. Afterwards, she sat down with Hue for a brief chat about fashion, fiction, and the future of literature.

Egan won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award, so we were nearly quaking in our boots in awe, but she put us at ease. Since her book is partly about the music industry, we asked her to name some songs on her playlist.

The Sleepers, “Sister Little.” One of the stories in Goon Squad is about a fledgling punk rock band, so Hue asked Egan, a former habitué of the punk scene, to name the best live act she’d seen. Egan mentioned the San Francisco band The Sleepers, saying, “Their shows were so powerful partly because [lead singer] Ricky Williams was so precarious. He was so out of control and kind of fragile that you always thought you wouldn’t see them again.”  Check out footage of a live performance here:

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(Hue is particularly inspired by Ricky Williams’ sweater.)

The Weekend Players, “Jericho.” Egan said this moody track by the disbanded electronic duo Weekend Players (one-half of which would later join Groove Armada) had her attention.

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Laura Veirs, “Galaxies.” Egan said she likes Canadian singer-songwriter Laura Veirs.  She didn’t mention a particular tune, but Hue has always liked this winsome little number.





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