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In the Fall issue of Hue, Penny Potok Cohn, Fashion Design ’48, comes back to FIT to look the college’s first extant yearbook, which included her picture. Apparently she got some media exposure at the time.

When she was 17, just before enrolling at FIT, she was interviewed on the Tex and Jinx Show, a radio program hosted by the suave, flirtatious Tex and the honey-voiced Jinx. Penny mentioned FIT but was slightly off on the name.

Listen to it here. Some highlights from the clip:

1:04: Jinx asks if Penny made the dress she was wearing to the show. “Well, I fixed it,” Penny replies.

2:09: Jinx gives Penny some extremely uncreative advice.

Years later, Penny played a confederate on To Tell the Truth, the classic game show in which celebrity judges try to guess who of three panelists is telling the truth about herself. Penny is pretending to be June Bingham, the wife of a U.S. representative who dined with Fidel Castro.

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Some highlights:

1:13: “It’s alive! It’s alive! It’s going to fly any minute!”

4:10: Kitty Carlisle, one of the judges, recuses herself because she knows June Bingham and had lunch with her yesterday. (So none of the producers figured this out before taping the show!?)


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